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About MakerPi

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MakerPi is an overseas brand belonging to Shenzhen Soongon Technology Co.,Ltd. In sustainable development, we have accumulated rich experience in hardware communication research and believe that 3d printing technology can change life. Our professional R&D team can supply the client with innovation  technology and professional hardware solutions.regions. Mixed color 3D printer is the first

At the beginning of its establishment, MakerPi was recognized and guided by German experts. It has been adhering to the quality management concept of German, keeping improving and innovating, which makes the quality of products a good reputation in the industry and has been rated as an advanced unit for many times. While developing the local market, MakerPi is alsoactively to the

development of globalization. The current sales network has covered Japan, Korea, India, Australia, Britain, Germany, Ukraine, 

Greece, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries and regions. Mixed color 3D printer is the first self-developed product in 2015, it

has obtained the relevant patents of mixed color 3D printing technology, breaking the previous situation that domestic printers of

the same type can only be used for monochrome 3D printing. At present, MakerPi is one of the few enterprises that can stably 

produce large quantities of mixed color 3d printers.  MakerPi adheres to independent research and development, and is committed to providing reliable and technologically advanced 3D printers to consumers around the world. As of June 2018, MakerPi has applied for 11 invention patents, 29 utility patents, 4 appearance patents, 3 software copyrights, 10 domestic and foreign trademarks, and nearly 60 intellectual property certifications.MakerPi will continue to work hard to achieve the core value of "3D printing changes life "!